Marc Gerstein

Marc Gerstein, the director of research at Chaikin Analytics, is an unconventional "quant." He has long specialized in rules- and factor-based equity-investing strategies. And he authored two books on stock screening – Screening the Market and The Value Connection. Marc met company founder Marc Chaikin in 2010 and eventually assisted in developing our proprietary "Power Gauge" system. He eventually joined the Chaikin Analytics team in 2018. Marc's quant inclinations trace back to his early days as an attorney (mainly criminal and landlord-tenant proceedings). In that world, everything Marc did had to be supported by evidence or legal authority. He first applied this evidence-oriented approach at Value Line, an independent investment-research firm that he joined in 1980. There, he learned to relate human investment stories to that company's "Timeliness" ranking system. Before coming to Chaikin, Marc used screens to create and write The Reuters Value Review and The Reuters Growth Review in the mid-2000s, and The Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report from 2010 to 2015. During the mid-1980s, Marc managed the Value Line Aggressive Income Trust. That's a high-yield ("junk") bond open-end mutual fund. He steered the fund through the Drexel Burnham scandals and the related junk-bond storms. He came away from that experience with a non-academic but highly reality-based understanding of risk.

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Mr. Market Is Still Emotional… But He’s Not as Crazy

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