Carlton Neel

Carlton Neel is the CEO of Chaikin Analytics. In that role, he is deeply involved with product strategy along with leading the team to high-quality investment opportunities. Carlton brings a rich financial background to Chaikin Analytics. He was one of J.P. Morgan's youngest vice presidents. Then, at age 27, he left to start his mutual-fund management career in 1995 with noted investor and market guru, Dr. Martin Zweig. While at Zweig's firm, Carlton was responsible for managing a quantitative-research staff and overall portfolio overseeing billions of dollars of investments. Several quantitative stock-selection and sector-analytic models were developed under his guidance and successfully used in real-time money-management products. Carlton has managed open-end mutual funds, closed-end mutual funds, variable annuities, and managed his own hedge fund for a brief time. He has experience managing a variety of investable vehicles including equities, fixed income, futures, options, and foreign currencies.

This Is How the Fed Causes Recessions

The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates. And Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has made it clear that he’s focused on fighting inflation… In mid-May, Powell said he would tackle the problem of rising inflation. And even “if that involves moving past broadly understood levels of neutral, we won’t hesitate to do that.” That’s Fed-speak for …

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Two New Logistics ETFs Are Surprisingly Different

The government locked its own citizens in their apartments for nearly two months… At this point, we’ve all seen the news out of China. The country’s COVID-19 “zero tolerance” policy is nearly absolute. And it has angered almost everyone… Residents of China’s two largest cities, Beijing and Shanghai, were stuck inside their homes. And in …

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Steer Clear of ‘Free Lunch’ Companies

Meals went cold. Some customers waited hours for their supposedly “free lunch.” The crush overwhelmed kitchen workers all over the city. But it wasn’t the restaurants’ fault… A third-party website offered a special promotion. This website is a regular thorn in restaurant owners’ sides. Not surprisingly, the website crashed – twice. It couldn’t handle the …

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Buckle Up for the New Era of Stagflation

Our first big battle with “stagflation” happened more than 50 years ago… And now, we’re preparing to fight another one. If you’re not familiar, stagflation has two core parts. The first part is slowing economic growth. And the second is high inflation. For generations, economists didn’t think this combination could happen… You see, inflation normally …

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