Vic Lederman

Vic Lederman is the Editorial Director at Chaikin Analytics... And he has become something of a "geniuses' keeper of secrets" over the years... You see, Vic worked with scientist and inventor Andy Hildebrand. In that role, he tested and supported the kind of technology products that have contributed to nearly every pop music recording since the 1990s. Vic worked with Andy in the final years leading up to the company's sale. Then, Vic joined our corporate affiliate Stansberry Research in 2017. He worked alongside investment-newsletter industry legend Steve Sjuggerud. Specifically, he helped Steve in the years leading up to his successful retirement... In one of his main roles, Vic led the company's coverage of the commercial real estate space as the editor of True Wealth Real Estate. He brought the "insider only" world of private real estate deals to everyday investors, along with the most promising stock recommendations in the housing space. Vic also helped with True Wealth Systems. In that publication, he completed a behind-the-scenes analysis of Steve's overarching strategy. And he developed quantitative, trend-based trading strategies while testing millions of system variations. In True Wealth, Vic produced research-driven, evidence-based investing ideas with a "big picture" approach. By doing that, he helped uncover fundamental stories supported by financial trends. Now, at Chaikin Analytics, Vic is bringing his diligence in editorial production and market analysis to a new group of investors... Vic is excited to help Chaikin Analytics subscribers find the most compelling investment opportunities alongside Wall Street legend Marc Chaikin. Most importantly, Vic is known for his aggressive "do it right" attitude and is bringing that philosophy to our company.

After a Rough Week, Let’s Check In With the Power Gauge

Folks, last week was rough for stocks… All 11 top-level market sectors fell over the five-day stretch. And the same thing was true for nearly all the main subsectors we follow in the Power Gauge. The only subsector on our list to not fall was insurance. And that isn’t saying much because the SPDR S&P …

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The iPhone 15 Just Launched… But Apple Is Slumping

Apple (AAPL) just unveiled its newest line of iPhones… The tech giant held its traditional annual event in California on Tuesday. And as always, the main attraction was the iPhone 15 and its siblings (like the top-line iPhone 15 Pro Max)… The iPhone 15 Pro models weigh less than the previous versions because they’re made …

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The Power Gauge’s Take on the Market’s Worst Sector

Can you name the market’s worst-performing sector this year? Even if you don’t get the right answer, I bet you can at least get near the bottom. After all, despite an overall “bullish” setup, the market is still grappling with rising interest rates. For example, mortgage rates are soaring. They just hit a 21-year high …

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Don’t Board Up Your Home Yet

Editor’s note: Florida just experienced another massive hurricane landfall… Hurricane Idalia struck near the community of Keaton Beach last Wednesday morning. The Category 3 storm flooded streets, closed several airports, and led to a lot of power outages. Some Chaikin PowerFeed readers might know that both Pete Carmasino and Vic Lederman live in Florida. Fortunately, …

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The Second-Best Subsector Should Still Surprise You

Editor’s note: The markets and our Chaikin Analytics offices will be closed Monday, September 4, for Labor Day. As a result, we won’t publish our Chaikin PowerFeed e-letter that day. Expect to receive your next issue on Tuesday, September 5. Enjoy the holiday. We all know technology stocks are soaring this year… The tech-heavy Nasdaq …

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The ‘AI’ Craze Just Got a Reality Check

The market doesn’t usually depend on one company’s earnings report… But two nights ago, it did. Several industry analysts told me some variation of, “I’m waiting to see how their earnings play out.” In that instant, it seemed like everyone in finance was watching one company. I’m sure you already know that I’m talking about …

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